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Physiotherapy Resources: Unit 1

Fundamentals of Physiotherapy Practice

This page has been set up to help identify Internet resources which could support learning objectives in Unit 1 of the Master of Sciences in Physiotherapy. If you find a resource which you feel might be appropriate, please send an email to Neera Bhatnagar, giving the full web site address of the resource and a brief description.

Recommended Readings

Dawes M, Summerskill W, Glasziou P, et al. Sicily statement on evidence-based practice. BMC Medical Education. 2005 Jan 5;5(1):1

Williams RM, MacDermid JC, Wessel J. Student adaptation to problem-based learning in an entry-level master's physical therapy program. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice 19:199-212, 2003

Journal of Hand Therapy; Apr-June 2004 guest editor Joy C MacDermid (McMaster restricted resource, use LibAccess to connect to journal)

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