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Physiotherapy: Unit 1

Library resource guide for students in the Physiotherapy program.

Fundamentals of Physiotherapy Practice

This page has been set up to help identify Internet resources which could support learning objectives in Unit 1 of the Master of Sciences in Physiotherapy. If you find a resource which you feel might be appropriate, please send an email to Neera Bhatnagar, giving the full web site address of the resource and a brief description.

Recommended Readings

Dawes M, Summerskill W, Glasziou P, et al. Sicily statement on evidence-based practice. BMC Medical Education. 2005 Jan 5;5(1):1

Williams RM, MacDermid JC, Wessel J. Student adaptation to problem-based learning in an entry-level master's physical therapy program. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice 19:199-212, 2003

Journal of Hand Therapy; Apr-June 2004 guest editor Joy C MacDermid (McMaster restricted resource, use LibAccess to connect to journal)

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