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Global Health: Getting Started

Off-Campus Access

The small lock icon LibAccess lock icon beside a link indicates this is an online library resource. You have to login when off-campus to access the full-text articles and videos. When you click on the resource link from off-campus you'll be redirected to a login page. 

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Global Health Atlases

These online atlases present international information in a geographical context, with a heavy focus on interactive maps.  Find detailed information on particular countries, or view specific health indicators on a global scale.  


These resources contain bibliographic records for academic journal articles, research papers, reports, and more.  Advanced search tools help you quickly locate relevant information in thousands of core health sciences journals (English and foreign language) and a large collection of global health publications.      

Health Data & Statistics

These resources contain information from leading global health organizations around the world.  Extensive data sets on various health indicators can be viewed, downloaded, and manipulated through a number of unique visualization options.  Many of these resources also provide access to statistical analysis in the form of organizational reports.

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