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Library resource guide for students in the Undergraduate Medicine program.

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The Medical Decision Making resources were gathered by Dr. Haider Saeed, Medical Decision-Making Planner for the Undergraduate Medicine curriculum.

Medical Decision Making


Searching for Clinical Information

PICO : A good search strategy usually contains "P", "I" and "C"

  • Always break your question down into searchable concepts. This approach work well whether you are in a clinical point-of-care tool, like BMJ Best Practice, or if you are creating a complex database search.


 Patient, Population, or Problem

 How would I describe a group of patients similar to mine?

 Intervention, Prognostic Factor, or Exposure

 Which main intervention, prognostic factor, or exposure am I considering? 


 Comparison or Intervention (if appropriate)

 What is the main alternative to compare with the intervention?

 Outcome you would like to measure or achieve 

 What can I hope to accomplish, measure, improve or affect?